What Is The Chinese Symbol For The Name Brandon?


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The Chinese symbol for Brandon is :

Brandon is a name normally given to the male half of the population. However, in the 1980's it actually became popular as a girl's name. That popularity has decreased now.

The name originates from the surname Brandon which comes from any of the places in England called Brandon (there are places called Brandon in Suffolk, Warwickshire, County Durham and Northumbria.

It is also possible that the name Brandon is a variant of the Irish name Brendan. In terms of the name's popularity, there is also a possibility that there is some influence from the name of the American actor Marlon Brando.

Interestingly the name has different meanings according to country. I have explained the English meaning above, but

in Ireland and America

Brandon means 'Prince' or 'Brave'. I've even seen some suggestions online from people who have said the name means 'Stinking hair'!

I'm no so sure about that one though.

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