What Does The Name Jane Mean?


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The name Jane means 'God is gracious'
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The name Jane is of Hebrew origin and it is a purely girl’s name. The meaning of the name is ‘the lord is gracious’ and it is a way of thanking god. It was derived originally from the name John. The name is one of the most popular female names of all times. In history, Lady Jane Gray has been a queen. It is very often used as a middle name for girls. It has many variations like Gene, Giania, Giovanna, Janice, Joan, Jean and many more. It has been a common name in the English speaking countries since the seventh century.
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I'm thankful that my dad named me this pretty name that i've. And at least i know the meaning now.
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Jane has a feminine gender. The name gets its usage in English. It is regarded as the English form of Jehanne. It is an old form of Johannes. The prominent one with the name Jane is Jane Austen.

Jane Austen was a very famous English Novelist. She gets her place till date. She has been famous for her works in writings Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility etc. She has widely been regarded as a classic writer. She was supposed to have a very biting social commentary. She also had a skill of using the irony and free indirect discourse eventually. She has been considered as the most influential novelist. She is also supposed to be the most revered novelist of the nineteenth century.
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A girl who thinks she's all that.
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Jane means your a spoiled brat who gets everything you want and thinks their all that especally at singing when really your not it also means that a lot of people want to be like you but it also means that you want to be like someone else who's older and WAY better than you
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I know a girl named Jane, she is a spoiled brat, she always gets what she wants.
In grade 2 & 3, she stole all my friends.

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