What Is A Commutator? What Does It Do?


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The term commutator is widely applied in the spheres of electronics and mathematics. Literally, the term means 'an attachment that ensures the flow of electric current as direct current'. However, the term commutator is not restricted in use today and ceases to be 'electronic specific'. The common feature in the application in different sciences remains that a commutator takes control of and streamlines the course of calculated action.

In the world of electronics, a commutator is an electrical switch that periodically and in a consistent pattern, reverses the current flowing within an electric driven motor or generator. The pre-set pattern balances the flow of electricity within the circuit that is especially designed to ensure the smooth function of the appliance in question.

On the other hand, in the world of mathematics, a commutator indicates the extent of failure of a binary operation. The failure to be commutative or remain unchanged in result by alternating the order of the quantities is calculated and routed by a commutator. For example: a x b = b x a.
A commutator used electronically or otherwise is an essential component of an application. The function is calculation specific and control oriented and is aimed at enhancing the appliance performance level or the targeted binary calculation

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