What Does Neurogenic Mean?


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The word neurogenic refers to something that originates in the nervous system. It is related to the activities and functions of the nervous system. In other words, the word neurogenic means something which has its origin in the nervous system of the human body. It pertains to the sensations or conditions that are derived only from the nervous system.

It is an adjective which means originating or controlled by the tissues of the nervous system or which is induced or modified by nervous factors, especially disorders that affect people because their neural relations are unusually altered or arising from or caused by the nervous system. Neurogenic is something which arises in or is stimulated by the tissues in the nervous system.

The phrases which are closely related to the word neurogenic are neurogenic bladder, neurogenic claudication, neurogenic bowel, neurogenic shock, neurogenic pain, neurogenic inflammation, peripheral neurogenic pain, neurogenic diabetes insipidus and neurogenic fracture.

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