What Does Right Ventricular Conduction Delay Mean From An Ekg?


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A conduction delay is a medical term used when discussing the functioning of the human heart. This is where the cardiac impulse of the heart is delayed. As there are four places that these impulses are created, the two ventricles and the two valves, the conduction delay is usually localized to one area. In this case it is the right ventricle.

If these impulses are not being sent, there are many health issues that can occur. The most common of which is when the delay in the heart as it is processing a beat or the right ventricle not being able to keep up with the processes of the other ventricle or valves. This can cause heart attacks and multiple other health issues.

The cause of a conduction delay in any one of the four parts of the heart is most commonly attributed to there being a blockage within the area that is preventing the signals from getting through. This will be tested by your doctor and they will be able to give advice about the severity of the issue.

There is medication that you can take to reduce this blockage if it is not very big or other medication that can get these impulses moving again. These medicines will be prescribed by your doctor after tests have been done to find the reason for the right ventricle conduction delay occurring in the first place.

If you have found that this is a medical issue that you suffer from, you will have already seen a doctor as this is not something that you can diagnose by yourself. Doctors that specialize in cardiovascular medicine will know all about this condition as it is quite common but if you do have any questions, be sure to ask them. Your doctor, nurse or even a surgeon are there to explain things to you and put you at ease with the situation.

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