What Does Diaz Mean?


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Diaz is a common Portuguese and Spanish surname. It is supposed to mean the "son of Diego" in these tongues but it has another meaning Latin. Diaz is believed to have come from the Latin word "dies" meaning "days" in English. It is also supposed to be much holder and may even have Hebrew roots. It is also written as Dias.

Diego which is supposed to be paternal links to Diaz means "the supplanter". It is a common Spanish first name for boys. It is supposed to be a variation of the Spanish name James and means "he who supplants" in Spanish.

Diego or Juan Diego was the name of a Mexican peasant who had a vision of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It is also the name of the famous painter Diego Rivera.
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My name is jessica. It is of hebrew origin.
My last name is diaz and is also of hebrew origin!

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