What Does Bond Warehousing Mean?


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A warehouse for goods before taxation is called as a bonded warehouse. A warehouse that holds cargo pending duty or tax to be compensated on them is known as a bonded warehouse. The Bonded Warehouse allows you to shift your cargo to a duty free storehouse until necessary. We have harbour-side and domestic storage amenities, in all areas of the United Kingdom.    This way they can offer a general storage or customs warehousing. The storage of certain goods under allege of customs viz. Customs seal pending the import duties are remunerated or until the goods are empty out of the country. Bonded warehouse is a place where goods are located at the backside seal until the moment that the vessel leaves the port/country again. Bonded goods are the dutiable goods upon which duties have not been paid, i.e. Goods in transit or warehoused pending customs clearance are kept in these warehouses.
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Is  buying  and holding bonds for  sale.This  can be  done on behalf of the  client or  for trading purposes by a broker,financial institution or  an other authorised dealer by the securities authority or  capital market authority.

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