What Does Manifest Mean?


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The word 'manifest' can be used as a noun, as an adjective and also as a verb and when you are using the word as a verb it is usually used in association with the term for which you want to say something about and the meaning it conveys is that of to show something very clearly. The word is especially used in context of a feeling, a quality or an attitude. Given below is a sentence that can help you in understanding the word well: The recent elections are manifesting the tensions that are prevailing in the area.

Sometimes the word is also used to convey the idea of something that appears so that it became noticeable. Given below is a sentence to make the meaning clear in this context: The symptoms of this disease manifested only in the second stage of the development of the disease.
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Manifest is derived from the Middle English word manifeste, from Old French, from Latin manufestus, manifestus, which means caught in the act, blatant, obvious.

It also refers to in the transportation or logistics business, a statement for lading. It also refers to the catalog of passengers on a marketable airliner or ship or also an proof of purchase of goods accepted on a truck or train.

It is also known as a municipal assertion of main beliefs and intentions, repeatedly biased in nature.

It is also the name of a very well known Melbourne Anime Festival. This festival focuses entirely on the art of anime and manga, East Asian mores, and its fandom. It is mostly held in the month of September.

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