What Do You Mean Logistics Officer?


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A Logistics Officer is an officer in the armed forces. Their role in each section of the military (Army, Air Force, Navy) is one of support. They are often based on military bases , but it is common for them to be deployed into active action zones.

By the mere naming of them as Logistics Officers, they are generally tasked with providing the right provisions and necessary equipment and facilitating the troops and staff.

Different countries have different roles and expectations for their Logistics Officers.  In the United States, these officers provide strategic, operational and tactical logistic support. They manage the processes mentioned above whilst in support of mission objectives.

Their duty is to utilize the existing contacts and networks with companies and contractors and to anticipate mission requirements to ensure maximum speed and efficiency.

Unsurprisingly, it's a similar story north of the border in Canada. Logistics Officers there work in five main disciplines:
  • Management
  • Finance and Economics
  • Physical Security
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supplementary Services.
Like the US Forces, their duty is to ensure all operations, including training exercises, are properly organized and equipped to allow their completion.

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