What Does The Name Athena Mean?


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It refers to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and crafts and art of war. She is the daughter of Zeus and Metis, a Titan. Her symbol is the owl. And her tree is the olive. It refers to the name Minerva, the Roman God of wisdom. Minerva means in Latin "the mind" which refers to wisdom in Minerva and Athena.
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The name Athena is a female name that has originated from Greek mythology. The meaning of this name is not clear, it may possible have derived from the Greek word meaning sharp – 'ather' and the word for praised – 'aine'.

Athena is the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare and handicraft. She is one of the offspring of Zeus. She is popularly linked and portrayed with the olive tree and the owl. The capital city of Greece, Athens, is named after her; she is the patroness of Athens. The Roman Equivalent of Athena would be the goddess Minerva.

In the Iliad she is depicted as having fought side by side with Greek heroes. She symbolised the assets of justice and skill in battle, contrary to the raw blood lust of Ares. Her birth and rivalry with Poseidon for rule of Athens is depicted on the Parthenon. Her birthday is popularly celebrated as the Panathenaea festival.
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The name 'Athena' is a feminine name, and it originated from the Greek. The meaning of the name is "goddess of wisdom".
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The name Athena is typically used in reference to Greek mythology, where she was the goddess of civilization. In particular she was the goddess of wisdom, crafts, weaving and the purportedly nobler side of war (since violence and bloodlust came under the domain of Ares). Her wisdom also includes technical knowledge used in weaving, metal-working as well as cunning intelligence. The olive tree and the owl are considered sacred to her.

Athena could also refer to the Chinese Elm you. Parvifolia cultivar which is a small tree which almost never exceeds 6 m in height.

ATHENA is also the name given to an antimatter research project which is taking place at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) at the AD Ring. It became the first experiment that was able to fabricate 50,000 low-energy anti-hydrogen atoms in the year 2002, as reported in the journal Nature.
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I think the word Athena means the god of war and the god of wisdom, creative crafts and etc.

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