What Does The Word 'Robot' Mean?


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It comes from the Old Slavonic word for "slave".
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The word 'robot' has its roots in fiction. The term came into the English language from the Czech word ro bota meaning 'servitude'
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Robot comes from the Czech word robota which means ‘slave’ or ‘forced worker’. The word was
popularised and given it current context by the Czech writer Karel Capek when
he wrote the play Rossum’s Universal Robots
in 1920. Although the play got terrible reviews, its larger contribution to
science and culture was the term robot. The word was further popularised by the
legendary science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, who wrote many short stories
and novels that featured robot characters and centred upon themes from a
robot’s perpective. As a result, a robot is now understood to be ‘a
articulated, intelligent device that performs tasks that might otherwise be
performed by a human being’.
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It means slave or force worker and we use robrots to do are work for us

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