What Does It Mean To Be 'Objective' In Your Way Of Thinking?


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Thinking objectively is incredibly difficult because, even if we try to put our emotions and past experiences aside, we cannot escape them entirely.

What Does Thinking Objectively Entail?
To think objectively, you have to detach yourself from the subject or situation. One way of doing this is to imagine that you're a robot without feeling, emotion or bias. This is very difficult, as even though we don't always realise it, our past experiences do shape how we think.

Thinking objectively is impossible unless you're doing it consciously: You have to make a real effort to ensure that you're looking at things without a point of view. Imagine you have no opinion on the subject.

Examples of Objective and Subjective Thinking
Scenario: You're watching a soccer/football game. A player that you don't like has been accused of foul play and received a yellow card. You don't like the player because he slept with his teammate's wife, and you think that's wrong.
Subjective Response: He slept with his friend's wife: He's sneaky. He's definitely guilty of diving and should be sent off!

Objective Response: There's no hard evidence, so he may or may not have done it. It did look like he dived, but he does seem to be in pain.
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Without jumping into the dictionary or going into a whole bunch of legal stuff I personally take it to mean you can step away from a given subject and look at it, discuss it, whatever, without any personal feelings or prejudices entering in.
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To think objectively you have to be rather detached from the subject meaning that you have no bias or prejudices in your thought process.  Basically you have to set aside what you personally feel or think about the subject and look at it from all sides and make a determination that is based on fact and fairness even if it is not what you personally would want.  I guess in a way it means being fair to all parties and not indulging in personal preference.
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Being objective is extremely difficult and I am seriously contemplating how it is even possible. Taking yourself away from a situation and making an unbiased judgment...well, if you think about it, everything you know that you would base your judgment on is biased by your own experiences and whether you believe it or not, the knowledge you acquire is biased in how it in interpreted.  That's kind of wordy... But even a simple math problem that everyone thinks they know the answer to is biased. 


I had a professor in college explain how 1+1 does not equal 2...always.  I found this to be strangely odd... Because we have all learned that in math that 1+1=2.  We have a biased opinion on this.  Now, how my professor explained his theory of 1+1 not equaling 2 is that if you have two separate rivers with two different originating points, that meet at a point or come together (add) and blend together and make one new river.  In this case 1+1=1.
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How is objectivity possible if everything we know and learn is biased in one form or another? How do we rid ourselves of the learned biases we are not even aware of?
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Are you objectively , objectifying that someone should go to law school to rid themselves of the predetermined objectiveness that is what we are in the first place? I Object!
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I can think objectively. It means to step away from a situation on a personal level, and view it as if you had never encountered it before. Just the facts Ma'am, without the bias of opinion or personal ramifications.

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