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GOP is the informal nickname given to the Republican Party of the United Sates of America. It is an acronym, standing for Grand Old Party. It is one of the two major parties in the USA, the other one being the Democratic Party.

At present, the Republican Party holds a minority part in the state governorships and regulates a minority of the legislatures in the states. The present Prime Minister of the United States of America, George W. Bush, is from the Republican Party.

The party was established in the year 1854, and from the time then it has produced eighteen presidents. Following the Republican Revolution in the year 1994, the Republican Party obtained the majority in the House of Representatives as well as achieved the distinction of being the majority party in the United States Senate.
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Gallant Old Party   
Gallons Of Poop   
Game Oriented Play   
Gas Oil Petroleum   
Gas, Oil, Politics   
Gas, Oil, and Plutonium   
Gatecrash Our Party   
Gauntlet Of Power   
General Operating Procedures   
General Order of Priority   
General Orientation Program   
Generations Of Perfidy   
Genuine Oil Puppet   
Get Old People   
Get Our President   
Get Out and Party   
Get Out and Push   
Get Outta Politics   
Gift Of Propriety   
Give Out Patronage   
Give Out Pork   
Gluttons Of Privilege   
Gmail Owns People   
Gnomes Of Power   
God Ordained Politicians   
God's Official Party   
God's Only Party   
God's Only People   
God's Own Party   
Gone Out Permanently   
Good Ol Pub   
Good Old Plutocracy   
Goodness Of Prediction   
Goofy Old Putz   
Gorillas Organizing Pottery   
Got Other Priorities   
Government Of Power   
Government Of the People   
Grand Obfuscation Party   
Grand Old Package   
Grand Old Party    .., umm !!

Grand Old Petroleum   
Grand Old Plantation   
Grand Old Plutocrats   
Grand Old Politics   
Grand Old Porkers   
Grandma Of Peace   
Great Old Place   
Great Opportunities For Profits   
Great Opportunity Party
Greater Opportunity Party   
Greed Or Piety   
Greed Over Patriotism   
Greed Over People   
Greed Over Principles   
Greedy Obese Parasites   
Greedy Obnoxious People   
Greedy Obsessive Pigs   
Greedy Old Politicians   
Greedy Old Pricks   
Greedy Oligarchic Power   
Greedy Oppressive Phonies   
Green Old Party   
Grimy Ol' Pirates   
Gripe Often Persistently   
Grope Our Pages   
Gross Operating Profit   
Ground Operations Panel   
Ground Out Privacy    ..., and more
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Grand Old Party

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