What Does Jack Boot Mean?


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Jack boot is the name of a special type of boot used in combat. It reaches upto and extends above the knee. It originates in the 19th century. It reaches upto the mid-calf and has no laces. It is made of a leather sole with hobnails and heel irons. They are also known as Hessian boots or Wellington boots. These boots have existed even before Napoleon but since the advent of the 20th century these boots have a strong association with totalitarian motifs.

This word is related to totalitarianism or dictatorship in English and specially refers to Fascism. This term is not used in America after this word sparked a controversy when the President of National Rifle Association used it to refer to federal agents and called them as jackbooted government thugs. This incident led to the resignation of the US president George Bush from the membership of this club. It is related to Fascism and Nazism because these bots were used by German soldiers during the World Wars. It is still a part of the modern attire of the army in Russia.

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