What Does "Love Is Blind" Mean?


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When people use the saying, love is blind, what they are really saying is that when you are deeply in love you often fail to see the faults of the one you love. What others see and what the 2 lovers see, may be two entirely different things. What the outsiders may see as controlling, the lovers may see as a desire to be together to the exclusion of friends and family. In other words: Love is blind and cannot always see things as they appear to others.
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You have feelings so strong and so deep that nothing anyone says or does will ever sway you from absolute trust and devotion to your love. You see none of thier faults or ,short comings,they are perfection to your eyes. The meer thought of losing them is enough to take your breath away.
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1,you see no wrong in that person.
2,that person can do no wrong in your eyes.
3, or that person is no good for you.
And everyone sees what that person is doing and saying except for you.
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It means that a person in loves can do anything without caring about result
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You don't care about what the person what the person looks like or there background you just love them for them
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It usually happens to young people. All they focus on is what they think is love and that is when mistakes happen. When you are young and in love this usually ends up becoming a silly blind sort of love.....
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Love is blind mean's love don't care about age's and beside this for all not for young peoples only

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