How Can I Do A Magic Spell?


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Before you do, there are three major prerequisites for actual magic.  First of all, you need to fully realize that performing any type of magic, you will be drawing that type of energy back towards yourself (if you cast good magic, good will return to you).  Second, magic doesn't work if your words are not always truthful because the definitiveness of your spells rely on the definitiveness of your everyday words.  If you speak lies and half-truths, then your spells will be severely weakened by that.  To resolve this, speak the truth or nothing at all for a time and stick to it afterwards because magic does involve a long-term commitment.  Third, remember that you need to establish yourself as a worthwhile person by committing yourself to goals and working towards realizing them.  The magic follows people who believe in themselves and never give up.If you can do this, you'd be well on your way to performing the spells.  How to perform them is extremely simple.  Focus your mind on the desired effect and then believe in the image.  Repeat this process often and know (not hope) that it will occur.  If you work towards something positive, it is more likely to happen because the world wants you to succeed in it.  There are two keys to this part: Focusing/believing and positive action towards a worthwhile goal.  If you're trying to do something that isn't worthwhile, the world will be less likely to grant it.That's all I can say.  It's up to you to decide what road you will take and be totally responsible for your thoughts (because they can become reality).  If you decide to walk the path of magic, be prepared to keep your mind clean and live well.Note: If you have fallen from the path of good and want to return, just clean up your thoughts and the light will become visible.  It's there, you just can't see clearly until you stop filling up your vision with negative thoughts and desires.
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Magic is an art of influencing natural events, energies and forces through supernatural or paranormal means. The most common of magical practice is the spell. Spells are spoken, written or constructed physically using a set of ingredients. There are two forms of magic, black magic and white magic. Black magic deals with evil practices and white magic deals with benefiting others or the community.

Magic is being practiced by people for more than 1000 years. Various forms of magic include Voodoo, Shinto, Wicca, Satanism, Reiki and more. Astrology, fortune telling and tarot card reading are forms of magic, known as Divination, which provides information of past, present or the future.

Though magic is considered to be a superstition, it still prevails in our day to day life.
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This is dangerous territory. If you are interested to know what the bible says about all that, please let me know. If you decide to go ahead with this anyway and find yourself in trouble, please write to me for help. In the meantime, I'm praying for your protection.
From someone who cares about you.
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First you have to connect with the forces of nature and draw their energies. This involves meditation. Then you have to improve intentions focusing and visualizations. It also involves meditation. Before doing anything, you have to learn basic theories, like the law of three and there are many more. After all it is a way of empowering your intentions and making them real. The positive thinking paradigm is also a subtle form of Magick spell-work.

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