What Does " Make Love, Not War" Mean?


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The slogan was coined in the 60s during the Vietnam War.  It was a peaceful protest against the war, and it was a time of sexual revolution in the US.  The meaning has remained the same.  Love, don't hate, don't kill, don't make war.
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It's mean to behave towards other people the way you would want them to behave towards you. And that you should be peaceful towards everything that comes in your life instead of fighting with someone who's rude to you, you should forgive them...its basically what the new testament is about, that's if you believe in christian teachings.
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"It's mean to behave towards other people the way you would want them to behave towards you"

No it doesn't

That's a Biblical teaching about discipleship (from the sermon on the mount IIRC)

It is the antithesis of Biblical tenets -the Bible says sex should only happen inside marriage

"Make Love Not War" comes from the Hippy (free love) movement in the '60s not from the Bible

OR are you going to show me the Biblical text that promotes free love (sex outside marriage) ?
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Treat people like you want to be treated,love thy neighbor as thy self, no conflicts,mistreatment,jealousy etc going on between humans...good luck  
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The phrase  came out around the sexual revaluation of the 60' and early 70's and was coined by the people protesting the Vietnam war and it stood for peace.
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It means to go and make babies and create life instead of killing people and destroying it

It is the antithesis of the Biblical way (it comes from the Hippies and "free love" era )


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7 The hands of the witnesses must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. You must purge the evil from among you.

My what an un-warlike religion that is -NOT!
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Its got nothing to do with that. It means exactly what robbier 44 has said.
It does kind of refer to the new testament but has nothing to do with actual war. Its basically symbolic if you know what that means.
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@ Cherrysal2

So you are saying Gaza (and the war crimes committed there by Israel ) are symbolic ?

The Biblical entitlement is the only one that gives ANY rights to land in the Middle East to the Jews

Or would you dispute that ?

Can you show a single statute in international law that gives entitlement to land in the Middle East to Europeans displaced by the Nazis ?

I don't think you can, can you ?

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