What Does The Word Utter Mean?


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The word utter is a verb which is defined as to express or to articulate. In simple terms, the verb to utter is defined as to articulate or to express something either by letting out a cry, shouting, making noise or verbally expressing it. To utter means basically to express (something) audibly or to utter sounds. It must be kept in mind that these utterances may or may not necessarily be words.

The word utter when used as an adjective is defined as arrant or without qualification the term is often used in an informal manner, often as a pejorative intensifier. To utter is also a verb which is defined as to put (something) into circulation. As an adjective, it also means the same as the word dead, which is used as slang for the word total. To utter a check is defined as to offer it to another person in payment of a debt.

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