What Does The Word "Logarithm" Mean?


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The term logarithm is a mathematical term to which the base, such as 10, must be raised to generate a given number. The types most frequently used are the common logarithm – 10, the natural logarithm – base e and the binary logarithm – base 2. The word logarithm is derived from the Latin word Logarithmus, which is a combination of two Greek words, logos and arithmos meaning 'reason' and 'number' respectively.

In simple words, it is a mathematical process which is the opposite of the operation of exponentiation.

Logarithms are very useful tools in mathematics; they can turn multiplication problems into addition, division to subtraction etc. Hence, they are especially useful in performing tedious and lengthy operations. Before the advancement of computers, logarithms were commonly used in areas such as engineering and cartography.

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