What Does The Word Apprehension Mean?


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The noun apprehension has two main meanings. A sense of apprehension means a feeling of nervousness or dread, as if something bad is about to happen; you might have a sense of apprehension before an exam, for instance. (The adjective is apprehensive: you can also say "I feel apprehensive.") Another noun often used to describe this feeling is apprehensiveness.

It can also mean (in a formal or official context) to catch or arrest. In this sense the verb is often used instead: "The police apprehended the criminal." Related to this is the idea of apprehension of meaning catching or understanding an idea ("I begin to apprehend your meaning.") However, the word comprehension, which is similar but suggests a fuller understanding, is often used instead.

Apprehension comes from the Latin apprendere, which means "to lay hold of."
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According to Psychology, apprehension basically is an expression used for a model of consciousness in which nothing is confirmed or denied of the article in question, but the mind is simply not aware of it.

Judgment on the other hand is an act of the mind, specifically dissimilar from plain apprehension of bare formation of a thing. This difference offers a great class of mental acts of which we are aware about. Judgment as well as thought are psychologically evident simply as different, thought interconnected, activities of consciousness.

Professor G.F. Stout who studied the occurrence of apprehension stated "it is possible to distinguish and identify a whole without apprehending any of its constituent details".

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