What Does The Word "Carol" Mean?


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Carol is a word for a song that is full of praise and joy about the lord. These songs are sung specially during Christmas and are also known as Christmas carols. Thus it is a religious song associated with the Christmas season. These songs originated in medieval England and the verses of these songs are either in English or Latin. They are either sung in refrain or chorus. The French Noel, German Weihnachtslied and the Spanish Villancio are also different types of carols.

Carol is also a very popular first name for females or baby girls. This name boasts of Old French origin and means melody or song when translated into English. It is pronounced as KARE-ul. It is a variant of the male name Carolus. When also think that Carol is the shortened version of Caroline. Actresses Carol Burnett, Carol Channing, skater Carol Heiss etc are some of the famous people who have borne this name.
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A carol is a festive hymn. It is a song that is written celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Accordingly they are sung often during the Christmas season. In addition to carol means to sing carols, for example 'she went Christmas carolling this afternoon'.

Carol is also an immensely popular female first name. In addition there are two important kings of Romania called Carol. One is Carol I and the other is Carol II. There is also a British politician called Carol Shaw. In 1954 there was a deadly tropical cyclone called Hurricane Carol. There is also a defunct Japanese music band called Carol. Eikichi Yazawa once belonged to this band.

In America, Carol City is a part of the metropolitan area of South Florida. There is also an adult film actress called Carol Connors.
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The word carol means a religious song usually sung around christmas time in other words it is known as a christmas carol.

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