What Does The Word Yeoman Mean?


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The yeoman is an official of lesser ranking in a royal or noble household. He can be simply referred to as an "attendant."A yeoman is also a petty officer doing clerical duties in the US Navy.

The word "yeoman" is derived from the Old English "yonge man" or "young man."

With the dwindling of the medieval times, the tribe of yeoman increased and formed the foundation of the rural middle class. People who had a relatively high ranking in noble household were also called as yeoman, and hence the name was conferred upon particular branches of the royal household. The contemporary military usage of the term dates from the 18th century when people from the cavalry outfit were called as the yeomanry to repress the riots. Their service in the South African War ((1899–1902) earn them the prestige of "Imperial Yeomanry," which was later absorbed in the Territorial Army in the year 1907.

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