What Does Ketoacidosis Mean?


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Ketoacidosis is the name given to a type of metabolic acidosis, caused by large concentrations of keto acids. The deamination of amino acids is what causes it to form. It is commonly observed in type 1 diabetes mellitus when left untreated; when the liver starts breaking down fat and proteins as it perceives a need for respiratory substrate.

A special term, Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is given to one of the consequences of diabetes mellitus that is untreated. It has been linked to a glucose cycle that is impaired.

The term ketoacidosis is not to be confused with the term ketosis. Ketosis is the term for one of the body's regular processes that takes place for the metabolism of fat in the body. In ketoacidosis, the pH level of the blood is significantly decreased as a result of severe accumulation of keto acids.

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