What Does Pipa Mean?


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The term Pipa most commonly refers to a genus of frog that fall within the family Pipidae. They are commonly called Surinam toads or star-fingered toads. They may be broadly scientifically classified as under the genus: pipa; the subfamily: pipinae; the family: pipidae; the order: anura; the superorder: batrachia; the subclass: lissamphibia; the class: amphibia; the phylum: chordata; and the kingdom: animalia.

The pipa is also the name given to a Chinese plucked string instrument. It is sometimes also known as the Chinese lute. It is a pear-shaped wooden instrument. This instrument has been around for almost two thousand years in China. In fact prototypes of the pipa have been found existing in China as far back as the Qin Dynasty (that is, 221 BC - 206 BC).

PIPA is also an acronym which stands for Program on International Policy Attitudes.

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