What Does The Name Saman Mean?


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The name saman is of Persian origin and typically means 'jasmine'. It is also thought to mean 'shelter and security'. It is given as both a male and female first name.

It is popularly associated with Saman Khuda, the forebear of the Samanid Dynasty, who lived around the 8th century. It is also linked with the town of Saman, which is located in the Province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari in Iran.

Saman is also the name given to a large tropical ornamental American tree which has bipinnate leaves in addition to globose clusters of flowers. It has crimson stamens as well as sweet-pulp seed pods which are eaten by cattle. As an acronym SAMAN stands for Simulation Augmented by Measurement and Analysis for Networks (that is, a network protocol research group).

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