What Does Nellie Mean?


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Nellie is an English name and is feminine name. The name 'Nellie' means 'light'. A girl named Nellie really must be a symbol of light to one's family. Neli, Nelie, Nelli, and Nelly are some of the variants of Nellie. It is pronounced as nel-ee. It is generally a short name or nick name. It is a pet form of Eleanor and Helen. Eleanor means 'Compassion' and Helen means 'bright one or torch light or helios (sun)'. Helen is a Greek name.

This name Nellie symbolizes the amalgamation of light that is full of kindness and care. Generally, femininity represents care and elegance. But, Nellie is also a torch for the darker paths. Nellie incorporates sympathy, humaneness, softness, sorrow, benevolence, empathy, consideration, soft-heartedness, grace, and tenderness; all enclosed in a bright aura.

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