What Does Prosaic Mean?


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The word prosaic is defined as matter-of-fact. It means not fanciful or imaginative. Prosaic is an adjective. It means pedestrian or dry. When something lacks wit, spirit or imagination, it is said to be prosaic. The word prosaic is similar in meaning to the word commonplace. It means something which is not challenging, dull and lacks excitement.

The synonyms of the word prosaic are banal, mundane, dull, colourless, pedestrian, characterless, ordinary, matter-of-fact, straightforward, unimaginative, everyday, humdrum, routine, run-of-the-mill and commonplace. The antonym of the word prosaic is inspiring.

It also means of or having the character or form of prose rather than that of poetry. The word prosaical is a word is similar in meaning to the word prosaic. The adverb form of the adjective prosaic is prosaically and the noun form of the adjective prosaic is prosaicness. The word is believed to have originated sometime between the year 1650 and the year 1660. It is derived from the Latin word prosaicus.

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