What Does Rectilinear Mean?


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The word rectilinear has its origin in Latin and is taken form the word rēctilineus. Rēctilineus is composed of two words- Rēctus and linear. Rectus implies right and linear stands for line. Rectilinear is an adjective. It is used to describe something which is typified by lines or straight lines. For example: rectilinear patterns in a design. Here, it describes the patterns which make use of straight lines.

Rectilinear could portray something that is forms a straight line or which itself forms a straight line. For example: rectilinear path. Here, the path Is not curved or is in one straight line. Rectilinear also describes a motion or movement. For example: the rectilinear motion of train. The light has a rectilinear path.

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