What Is The Meaning Of The Name Shirley?


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Shirley pronounced as SHIR-lee is a pretty popular female first name as well as a common surname. The surname was originally derived from a place which had the meaning of ‘bright clearing’ in Old English. Hence the meaning of the name Shirley is ‘bright meadow’. It has an Old English origin.

This name gained popularity in 1928 after the young actress(child star) and American Ambassador to Ghana, Shirley Temple Black. Other famous people with the name Shirley include Shirley Bassey and Shirley Jones.

Names similar to Shirley include Shirlee, Sherlie, Shurlie, Shirleigh, Shirleen, Sherey, Shirl, Shurl and Shir.
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The name Shirley is of English origin. The name is derived from a name of a place which means Bright clearing in Old English.
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Golden meadow

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