What Does The Name Jana Mean?


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The name Jana may have various origins. It would appear to be a Slavic or Hebrew version of the English name Jane.
The meaning seem to be very much the same, meaning 'harvest of fruit' within the Slavic languages or 'gracious and merciful' within the Hebrew.
Either way it is a name which gives its recipient a blessing of bountiful abundance in life. Whilst harvest of fruit may seem an odd meaning, it is derived from a period when fruit was not as plentiful and instead of a harvest of vegetables, which although necessary for life, a harvest of fruit was sweet, succulent and slightly luxurious. Gracious and merciful are also two of the most appealng human qualities.
So by giving this name the parents are giving a name which is full of hopes and dreams for sweet success in whichever way the person wishes to have success.
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The name jana is Slavicin, my sisters name is Jana some people think someone with that name brings good luck

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