What Does The Name Kearney Mean?


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Kearney is a name for boys. It originated in the emerald country of Ireland. It is a variant of the Irish name Carney. Kearney means 'the winner'.

Kearney is also a surname. In this context it is an anglicised form of the Gaelic surname O'Catharnaigh which literally means 'a descendant of Catharnach'. A few famous people with the surname Kearney are Dennis Kearney- the California leader, Dyre Kearney, Catriona Kearney, Gillian Kearney, Martha Kearney and of course Richard Kearney- the philosopher. There is also a character in the hit TV series The Simpsons called Kearney.

Kearney has only three variant forms namely Karney, Kearny and Karny. There are also a couple of places across the globe called Kearney. There is a Kearney in Ontario in Canada, another in Missouri and another in Nebraska both of which are in the United States of America. In addition there is a place called Kearney in Northern Ireland.

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