What Does The Name Jessica Mean In Spanish?


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Jessica doesnt come from America my name is Jessica and it has no meaning in any spainish culture.but in America it means THE BEAUTY THE LORD GAVE THROUGH OUT THE WORLD

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the name Jessica is French btw
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Actually nobody knows for sure where Jessica came from; some say it's of Hebrew origin, and some think it's Greek.  That being said, Ishka (the Hebrew origin) is also said to be named for Sarah....but that can be confusing, huh?  If you think about it, Jessica and Jane pretty much mean the same thing—"God is gracious".  If you notice, the pet name for Jane is Jessie, which is where Jessica comes along.  The first day I went to Sunday school as a child, my teacher thought that it'd be ok to call me Janey, but then I corrected her by saying, "No, my name is Jessie," and when I was taking Spanish in middle school, my teacher assigned my name as Juana (a.k.a Jane in English).  Now I understand why both of those teachers did that.  I wouldn't mind being called Janey and if someone objected I'd simply tell them, "Well, if that's not right, how do you get Jack from John?" 
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I thought "yessica" (because the j's sound like h's) in Spanish meant marijuana. Lol
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Jessica is a very popular name in the english-speaking countries and it doesn't have any meaning in spanish; it could be the diminutive of the Jane, that in spanish is translated as 'Juana', or the diminutive 'Juanita'.
Hope that it helps.
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My name is jessica also and btw jessica means Gods grace duh idiots think it means_THE BEAUTY THE LORD GAVE THROUGH OUT THE WORLD_wow look it up smart one.

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