What Does The Name Louisa Mean?


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The name Louisa is a name for a female that is simply a feminine variation of the masculine name Louis, which is the French form of the name Ludwig, which in turn, was borrowed from the Germanic name Hludwig which meant 'famous warrior' (Hlud – fame, Wig – warrior).

A famous namesake is American writer, Louisa may Alcott who was born on the 29th of November in the year 1832, and died at the age of fifty-five, on the 6th of March in the year 1888. She is best known for her classic novel 'Little Women' which narrates the journey of four girls from childhood to womanhood.

Alcott was resolute in her decision to contribute to the small family income and worked as a servant and a seamstress before making her fortune as a writer.
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Louisa is a popular feminine first name. It is a common English name. It is pronounced as loo-Eez-a. The name Louisa has three syllables, namely the syllables loo, Eez and a. More emphasis is put on the second of three syllables, which is the middle syllable of the name Louisa, namely the syllable Eez. It is the Latinate feminine form of the popular male name Louis.

Over the years, the name Louisa has steadily grown in popularity. In the sixth decade of the 20thcentury, namely between the year 1960 and the year 1969, the name Louisa ranked 836th among the 1, 000 most popular feminine names in the United States of America.

Louisa Adams was the first lady of the United States of America for a span of four years between the year 1825 and the year 1829. Louisa is also the first name of the well-known author Louisa May Alcott, who was born in the year 1832 and died at the age of 56 in the year 1888.

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