What Does The Name Inga Mean?


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The name Inga has a Scandinavian or Swedish origin. The name Inga means 'belonging to Ing'. Inga could also mean meadow. Generally, Inga is used a female first name. Inga is also believed to convey 'hero's daughter'. Igor, Ingo, Inge, Ange, Ince, Inigo, Innes, Lange, Range, Angie, Inar, and Angy are some variants of Inga. The name Inge means 'foremost one'. This name can be used as a first name for a boy. The different meanings for a single name make this name more interesting.

The meaning that this name conveys may not be grasped by people from its original meaning. For a person meadow reflects calm and collected attitude. Inga is a very rarely used female name. It is popularly used as a surname.

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