What Does The Name Touchstone Mean?


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A touchstone is basically a smallish tablet of dark stone like say, for instance, slate, fieldstone or lydite which is primarily used for the probing of the alloys of precious metal. It has a very finely grained surface upon which most soft metals will leave a visible trace.

Touchstone also finds much mention in fiction. Shakespeare's As You like It has a character called Touchstone. Garth Nix's Old Kingdom trilogy also has a character called Touchstone. There is a villain character in the Syphon Filter games called Touchstone. Touchstone (Stargate SG-1) is the name of a Television episode from the serial Stargate.

Touchstone is also the name of several famous enterprises. In the media industry Touchstone Pictures is the film production branch of the Walt Disney Company. Touchstone Television is a studio spin-off from the aforementioned Touchstone Pictures. Touchstone Energy- is an energy cooperative organisation.

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