What Does The Name Christopher Mean?


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In the original Greek, the name Khristophoros means "Christ-bearer." It comes from Kristos, "Christ" or "anointed one" and pherein "to bear." It meant that believers carried Christ in their hearts and minds. However, many early Christians took the name literally, and a legend grew up that a certain St Christopher had carried the young Jesus over a stream on his back. This legend is the basis of the St Christopher's medal, worn by many travellers even today; and Christopher is the patron saint of travellers.

The usual short form of Christopher is Chris. There is also Chrissie (more popular as a girl's name) and, now old-fashioned, Kit. In Scotland and Ireland Christie and Christie are more common, and sometimes given as names in their own right.

The girls' names Christine, Christina and so on are similar, but are feminine forms of Christian rather than Christopher. There is a name Christophine, but it is very rare.
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Christopher is name for males. It is pronounced as Kris-toh-fer. It is also a name originated from the Greek language and it means bearing Christ inside. It is a derivative of Khristophorous. This name was very popular and common among the Christians in the earlier times. Christofer, Christoffer and Christophe are the variants of this name in different languages like German and French. it is very popular as both a first name and a surname.

The patron saint of travellers, Saint Christopher is a person with this name. he is supposed to have earned his living by carrying people across a river and one day after he had carried a baby he realized that it was none other than Christ himself. Other famous people with this name include the explorer Christopher Columbus, actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Reeve and architect Christopher Wren.
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Patron saint of travelers and motorists. He is said to have been
martyred in Lycia under the Roman emperor Decius (c. 250).
Legends depict him as a giant who devoted his life to carrying
travelers across a river. One day a small child asked to be
transported, and in the middle of the river the child became so heavy
that Christopher staggered under the burden. The child revealed that
the saint had been carrying Christ and the sins of the world, thus
giving rise to Christopher's name (Greek: "Christ-Bearer"). His
historicity is doubtful.
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Christopher means bearing Christ
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The word Christopher is of Greek origin and the meaning it conveys is that of somebody who is bearing Christ inside.

The name has been widely used because of a Saint with the same name who used to carry people across a river. One day he carried a child who he later found that he was Christ. Since that time the legend has its place in the annals of history.

There are many popular figures with the same name that we find have redefined the history of the civilisation; Christopher Columbus was one such figure.

You can find several variants also of the name that are used in various societies. Chris, Christie and Topher all these names can trace their origin in that very word.
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Now I know that my name Christopher mens that I am a bearer of Jesus .  So now I will be a bearer of Jesus . So now I am glad that I know what my name means because I have been trying to find out .   THANK YOU !!!!
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Christopher meaning 'special'. Often gets on with other 'special' people; despite denying he is only mildly 'special'.

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