What Does The Name Dewitt Mean?


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The male name DeWitt basically is from Flemish origin and it means "blond". Dewitt is also the name of a well known town located in the Onondaga County, New York, based in USA.

According to the census conducted in the year 2000 the total population of this region is 24,071. The town gets its name after Moses DeWitt. The town is positioned towards the east of the City of Syracuse and shares its borders with city towards the eastern side. The majority of the town is a suburb of Syracuse. DeWitt was also a section of the Central New York Military Tract. It was initially colonized in the year 1789.

The census report of 2000 also stated that the total area of this region is 87.8 square kilometres, out of which 87.7 square kilometres is land and 0.1 square kilometres is water.

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