What Does My Name Ashleigh Mean?


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My name is also ashleigh when I was little I got a page of what my name meant and it said:
Ash-Tree Meadow:English

you are unselfish and helpful to all gentle and kind to the less fortunate

your speech flows, seasoned with wisdom others listen and take heed, for you think before you speak

keeping  a positive attitude, you apply it daily with your work or play

one so sweet you want to take her in your arms and hug her
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The meadow of ash
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Well my name is Ashleigh and yes it is said to mean ash - tree
which is kinda weird but really nice too!
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Ashleigh is a female name deriving from Old English, which is pronounced Ash-Lee and means "ash tree". This name can be shortened to Ash, Ashby, Ashley or Ashlin.

The Hollywood actress Ashley Judd is a famous representative of this pretty name.
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Derived from old English, it's also my name. I've found from several sources that it means ash-tree meadow.

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