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The female name Joyce is Latin in origin and it means joy or rejoicing. It was popularly used during the Middle Ages. It is also used as a surname. Similar names and variations of the name Joyce would include the name Joice, Joycelyn, Joyceanne, Joycelynn, Jaycie, Joyous Joyse, Josie and Josee.

It is interesting to note that a tropical cyclone which occurred in the Atlantic Ocean as well as three tropical cyclones which occurred in the Eastern Pacific Ocean were named Joyce.

There are a number of famous people who share the name Joyce including English actress and dancer, Joyce Blair, (1932 - 2006); British actress Joyce Carey (1898 - 1993); Irish novelist Joyce Cary (1888 - 1957); American actress, Joyce DeWitt (1949); British actress Joyce Redman (1918); Irish cricketer Ed Joyce, (1978); and British actress Emily Joyce (1970).
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Joyce surname is of Irish origin and was used for a stranger or guest. [Source: Joyce Name Meaning, Origin, History, Nationality].
Top Places of origin for name Joyce are Ireland, England and Great Britain.
You can click on these countries names and a page will be displayed showing you names and detailed records of people with this surname. You might need to create account there to view detailed records. But, names can be viewed freely.
You can also Visit Average Life Expectancy Chart of Joyce name, which shows Average Life Expectancy of Joyce for various years.
Also Visit Top Occupations Chart of Joyce name which is based on up till year 1880's records.
There is a book named The Joyce name in History which is a unique volume of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary following the Joyce family name as far back in history as possible.

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