What Does The Name Pinnock Mean?


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Pinnock is the last name of Trevor David Pinnock. He is a noted English conductor, harpsichordist and musician .He was born in the city of Canterbury in England on December 16, 1946. He is most famous for directing the orchestra which is named The English Concert. It is a period-performance orchestra. He conducted this orchestra for a period of over three decades in baroque and the early styles of classical music.

He became a chorister at the Canterbury Cathedral in his hometown of Canterbury at the tender age of seven. He made his debut at the Royal Festival Hall, which is located in the city of London, the capital of England, in the year 1966 and in the city of New York in the United States of America in the year 1988. The honour of Commander of the British Empire, which is abbreviated as the CBE, was conferred upon Pinnock in the year 1992.

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