What Does Esse Non Videri Mean?


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It's a Latin phrase that means "To be, rather than to seem" and refers to someone who is authentic, rather than someone who is only pretending to be something they're not.
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"to be not to be seen" is not a correct translation although common, it should be "to be and not seem to be". Also be aware of the often seen "esse non videre", which mean "to be but not to see". Inventive as motto for a submarine fleet (in Sweden), not so fun if you intended it in the traditional meaning.
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NO. Videri is passive infinitive of SEE; Videri has nothing to do with sum, esse, fui, futurus which are the four forms of the verb to BE.
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esse non videri means "to be but not to be seen." Esse is the Latin verb to be (infinitive) and Videri is the passive infinitive of the verb to see. The submarine and sniper analogies in these responses capture the essence of the epigraph.

This epigram is also the motto of Sweden's Wallenburg family.

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Snipers use it, "To be, not to be seen"
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Its used by Norwegian(NATO) submarine-branch and their supporting role for Norwegian Navy Seal's, and translates to this, their motto:
On scene, unseen

a bit like Robin Hood ;-)

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