What Does Oleander Mean?


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The word 'oleandder' has its origin in the Late Latin. It is taken from the word 'rodandrum' which was obtained from 'rhododendron'. The latter part 'dendron' of this word means 'tree'. It was altered as Lorandrum. This was inspired from the word 'laurea or lorea which meant laurel. The first part 'olea'of the word 'oleander' used in Middle English. It was obtained from the Latin word 'olea'. Olea means olive. Thus, oleander is combination of 'olive' and 'laurel'.

Oleander is an evergreen shrub. It is poisonous Eurasian shrub. It is scientifically named Nerium oleander. Rosebay is another name for oleander. This shrub bears white, rose or purple coloured flowers which are fragrant. Oleander is only species that is classified under the genus Nerium. Oleander is also called Adelfa, Alheli Extrangero, Rosa Laurel, Olean, Laurel Rosa, Laurel de jardin and Aiwa.

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