What Does "Clammy" Mean?


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Clammy feeling skin is cold/cool and damp or wet.  Dampness from heat is different, and normal.  Damp and cool is not normal, and usually means something is wrong.
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Cool and damp- like when you're sick
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Clammy has its origin in Middle Low German, and is taken from the word Klam. It meant stickiness. It was then adapted to old English as Clam which means mud or clay. It is an adjective and one can use to describe something which is disagreeably moist, cold and sticky. For example, 'his hands were clammy'. This describes hands which were cold and sticky to touch, in a way which was not nice. It could also mean conditions which are damp and unpleasant. For example, 'the weather suddenly turned clammy'. This suggests the weather conditions which were cold and damp.

When something is said to be clammy it would also mean that it's uneasy and apprehensive. For example, the ghost bungalow gave them a clammy feeling. It means that the people were afraid and the bungalow gave them jitters. It can be used in other forms like clammier and clammiest.
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It means you feel damp....either damp and warm or damp and cool, but there is a definite feeling of moisture by the person touching you, and you may have a fever, or be "breaking" a fever.
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Clammy ...damp, moist cool to the touch,lacking normal human warmth,snakes are said to feel this way ...

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