What Does Surrealist Mean?


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The word surrealist is a noun and is taken from the word surrealism. Surrealism has its origin in French language. It is rooted in the word surrealism. The word was composed of two parts- sur and realism.

The prefix 'sur' means beyond. The latter part realism implies realism. This part was taken from the Medieval Latin word realitas which means real.

Surrealism was a literary and artistic movement that was started in the twentieth century. It put forth that the liberation of mind and also the liberation of individual and society is possible through the unconscious mind. It stated that exercising one's imaginative faculties allows them to expand more and ultimately leads one to a state that is different from the reality. It is said to be truer than the truth. The person who is member of this movement is called surrealist. Surrealists are the believers of the good effects of such expansion unconscious mind.
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It means an imagination art like your dream or whatever that doesnt exist..its like our imagination

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