What Does The Name Norman Mean?


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The name Norman is a popular masculine first name. It is often used in English. It is pronounced Nor-man. The name Norman is made up of two syllables, namely the syllables Nor and man. More emphasis is put on the first of the two syllables, namely the syllable Nor.

The name Norman has been derived from an old Germanic nickname which meant northman. The word northman was used as a nickname to refer to a Viking. The Normans were Vikings. They settled on the coast of France. The region of France in which they settled is the one which is known in the present day as Normandy. The Normans conquered England in the 11th century.

Norman is also a popular last name is many countries where English is spoken as the first language. One of the most famous personalities to bear this name (as a last name) is the legendary Australian golfer Greg Norman. Sir Ralph Norman Angell (in the year 1933) and Norman E. Borlaug (in the year 1970) are Nobel Peace Prize winners, while the Nobel Prize was conferred upon Norman F. Ramsey for physics in the year 1989, which he shared with Hans G. Dehmelt and Wolfgang Paul.

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