What Does Rowe Mean?


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The word "Rowe" is a name of English Origin. The name can be traced back to the year 1066. It can trace itself to the Norman Culture that got established after the Norman Conquest of Britain. The name is believed to date back even further and is believed to come from the Old French word "Le rous" which meant a "redhead". The word "le rous" were actually used as a nickname. Rowe has several variations including "Row", "Rowe" and "Roe".

Rowe is a popular surname. It was the surname of Nicholas Rowe an English writer. Nicholas Rowe lived from 1674 to 1718. He was appointed as a poet laureate in the year 1715. The surname is not confined to Britain alone. It can be found in the United States and Canada. The twentieth Lieutenant Governor of the province of Ontario in Canada was a William Earl Rowe.
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Rowe is a bitch name!!!

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