Where Does The Name Cindy Come From?


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Names are amazing don’t you think? Just take Cindy for example - you would think wouldn’t you that Cindy was a modern name - it just looks and sounds so twentieth century!  But you would be wrong - actually Cindy is a name that is linked to legends of Greek gods and goddesses!

One of the most important Greek goddesses was the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo, and her name was Artemis. In Greek mythology she was the goddess of the moon, wild animals, the hunt, childbirth and young women - as well as a few more!  I love this image of her - linking her as moon goddess and hunting goddess!

Artemis had lots of other names - sort of nicknames or bynames - and one of these was Cynthia because she was born on Mount Cynthus.  The name Cindy is a short version of Cynthia - so you see it's not a modern name at all!

I’m not fond of the name Cynthia myself - as in my mind it conjures up an old-fashioned person who is rather dull and boring.  It’s strange isn’t it how we imagine names like that? Now I do like the name Cindy - one of my best friends is called Cindy and she is so full of life!  As I said the name is linked to the goddess of the moon and she certainly shines like that.

A name can also influence how successful someone is, and Cindy is a powerful name that definitely resonates.

Do you think Cindy Crawford, the model would have been as successful if she used her given name Cynthia?  I don’t think so - but you may disagree!

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