What Does Endurance Mean?


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'Endurance' – a noun -- or 'to endure' -- a verb -- means any kind of an experience which is unconstructive or debilitating in nature. It is about tolerance of some kind of atrocity, pain or suffering without resistance. Always used in negative sense and never while describing pleasant experiences. Endurance is an ordeal, which can be explained with an example – He has endured great hardships in his life.

Endurance is also survival against odd situations and it can be also used to describe durability of an inanimate object. For example: This staircase has endured three hundred years or wear and tear. Endurance also means ability to show strength, which may not be physical in nature, for example: They endured the embarrassment with grace and moved on.
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I want meaning of endurance and no one knows that,...
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Ability to bear prolonged hardship: The ability or power to bear prolonged exertion, pain, or hardship
"an endurance test"
"legendary powers of endurance"
Toleration of hardship: Toleration of prolonged suffering or hardship
"Their quiet endurance of the situation earned them many friends."
Persistence over time: The survival or persistence of something despite the ravages of time
"the endurance of ancient traditions"

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