What Does Olfactory Mean?


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The word 'olfactory' has its origin in Latin. It was taken from the word 'olfactorius'. Olfactorius means 'used to sniff at'. It was derived from 'olfactus' which is a past participle of 'olfacere'. 'Olfacere' means to smell. Olfacere is made up of two parts: Olere and facere. Olere means to smell and 'facere' is to do. Anything that relates to or contributes to the sense of smell is referred to as 'olfactory'.

The sense of smell is termed 'olfaction'. The disorders of olfaction are termed olfactory disorders. There are olfactory sensory neurons that connect the olfactory receptors in the nose to the olfactory nerve in the brain. The olfactory epithelium has the olfactory receptors. The sense of smell (olfaction) is more developed in dogs that in humans. This is because the olfactory epithelium of dogs has hundred times more receptors every square centimetre of its area.

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