What Does Snapper Mean?


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The term snapper is a noun which refers to one that snaps. It may also refer to any of several extensively distributed marine fishes belonging to the family Lutjanidae (or Lutianidae). A number of these are prized as food fishes, mainly found in the Pacific and Atlantic in the warm coastal waters. It may also be used to describe a snapping turtle.

In football terms it refers to the person playing centre on the line and snapping the ball over to the quarterback. Such a person is also known as centre. A snapper may also refer to a party favour which comprises a paper roll (generally one that holds candy or some other small favour) which pops if pulled at both ends. Such favours are also known as cracker bonbon or cracker.

It is also sometimes used to refer to Australian food fish (Chrysophrys auratus) which has a pinkish body and blue spots.

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